⟶ First published 9 January 2019  | ITV

And Rising partners with Family Action to launch 'Family Monsters Project' 

38 million people in the UK are facing their own 'family monsters', and 61% don't know what to do about them. Whether it's financial difficulties, addiction or mental health problems, the list is endless and hugely personal. We've been working with Family Action to get these monsters out in the open in the hope of tackling them together.

 ⟶ First published 26 November 2018  | Campaign

GambleAware's 'disappearing balls' ad highlights problem-gambling in football

It is the first time GambleAware has chosen to highlight problem-gambling in relation to a particular sport and how it is normalising gambling for children. Last week, the Gambling Commission warned the number of problem online child gamblers in the UK has quadrupled to more than 55,000 in the past four years. The launch of "Can we have our ball back?" follows a financial analysis by gambling industry specialists Regulus Partners that shows total spend by gambling companies on marketing is up by 56% to £1.5bn since 2014. 

 ⟶ First published 29 October 2018  | Campaign

Huel unveils debut TV ad by And Rising

Nutritional-shake brand Huel has launched its first-ever TV campaign, which showcases its on-the-go meals for those living action-packed lifestyles. The ad features simplistic but striking imagery, with a pack of Huel product superimposed with various sporting vignettes, including first-person-perspective sequences of someone cycling and rock-climbing, and a kaleidoscopic scene of snowy mountain peaks.

⟶ First published 21 November 2018  | UKTN

When should tech businesses start advertising and what’s the best way to do it? 

You teleport to 2023 and it’s good news. From the apps on your devices, the names in your fridge, to what adorns a teenager’s clothing, everything has been disrupted and changed. Entire categories of things previously unimagined have emerged for the better. There’s nearly a trillion GBP of opportunity in the foreseeable future and our job as scaleups is to secure our piece of it.  Yet 75% of VC is at risk of not seeing a return and many ideas will never make it at scale. The number one reason cited is ‘market has no need’ and shortly behind is ‘lack of marketing’. For those trained traditionally, these two things are considered the same.

⟶ First published 21 September 2018  | The Drum

And Rising disrupts advertising industry with scaleup focus 

Scale-ups are a huge part of the economy and an area where a lot of advertising growth is coming from. And Rising’s new strategy builds on a broader ambition to support companies looking to have a positive impact on the world. The agency became the first UK ad agency to be awarded B Corp status, which recognises companies pursuing social good alongside profit. It’s become clear that the future world we’ll live in depends upon the success of scale-ups. It’s the most vital segment of business right now, inventing markets and challenging the existing ones.

 ⟶ First published 26 December 2018  | Vice

Lyst: The Ariana effect is real

And Rising and Lyst collaborate with Lyrics.com to report how fashion has impacted music in 2018 and the real effect this has on sales. The data reveals that nearly 2000 songs have featured brands and product mentions in the last year, with Gucci, Chanel, Versace, Nike and Prada ranking highest amongst musicians.

 ⟶ First published 11 September 2018  | Campaign

Interview: Anna Carpen, Creative Partner

"My main focus is making sure that the ideas and the work is the very best it can be. That we get the best people on board to make our work real. That our clients are being listened to and brought on that journey too. Many of our clients are brand new to the market, maybe even only a few years old. How we communicate these brands and products to an unfamiliar audience is so important. People at home are bored of advertising. I love work that makes them laugh, cry or sparks a conversation.” Anna Carpen, Creative Partner, And Rising.

 ⟶ First published 3 November 2018  | Campaign

And Rising, the UK’s first creative B Corporation

To achieve certified B Corp status, And Rising was required to pass a special resolution to change the company’s articles of association to enshrine "triple bottom line" principles into the constitutional DNA of the business. This means that And Rising is now committed to maximising benefits to the environment, community and staff alongside profit in any decision taken by the board. 

 ⟶ First published 10 October 2018  | Campaign

Proud to be featured in Campaign’s 50th anniversary shoot 

The great and the good of advertising gathered last month in Dean Street, the iconic adland location, for a photo shoot showcasing famous addresses to celebrate Campaign's 50th anniversary. The shoot featured And’s Rising’s Jonathan Trimble, CEO and Anna Carpen, Creative Partner. 

 ⟶ First published 12 October 2018  | The Drum

Social media doesn’t need a ‘mental health levy’ – it needs to be treated like an addiction

The head of the NHS, Simon Stevens, this week has called for Facebook and Instagram to fund treatment of mental health problems because of the damage caused by social media. This 'mental health levy' follows a huge rise in admissions to mental health services, particularly among teenage girls. Taxing the tech giants is fine – they’re good for the money and the NHS needs it – but if people want to get serious about the issue, and we need to be, then we have a responsibility to raise awareness of what is actually going on behind the scenes: addiction.

 ⟶ First published 22 January 2018  | The Telegraph

Duchess of Cambridge launches family helpline, reminding parents and children: ‘Every family has its monsters'

Family Action, the charity, has set up FamilyLine for anyone struggling with aspects of family life, from parenting and relationship difficulties to mental health and wellbeing. Kensington Palace explained: "The campaign highlights the hidden ‘monsters’ that many families face, such as debt, addiction, lack of time together, relationship issues and mental health issues.

"Every family faces pressures from time to time, and Family Action is drawing attention to the fact that if we don’t acknowledge them and talk about them, these family monsters can get bigger and become overwhelming."

 ⟶ First published 29 January 2018  | The Drum

And Rising takes Popchips global with colourful ‘Enjoy More’ campaign

Health snack brand Popchips has rolled out its first campaign from creative agency And Rising with an 'Enjoy More' proposition it hopes will capture new fans. Five flavours have been immersed in strong, pop art creative to evoke each taste in the mind of potential customers. The intent is to build the brand proposition beyond its high point of £20m in annual UK sales last year.

 ⟶ First published 14 October 2016  | Campaign

ClearScore: TV is still king for reach and awareness

"TV builds brands. There’s no better tool to fuel growth than TV. At ClearScore, we have built our three-million strong user base and 30% awareness on a foundation of TV advertising and PR. For reach and awareness, it’s still king.” Anna Kilmurray, CMO, ClearScore. 

 ⟶ First published 14 May 2018  | The Drum

Inside Kopparberg's 'Outside is Ours'

“Consumers really embrace the product, more than the brand I would say. What we wanted to do is turn that product love into brand love in so much that they start moving away from a liquid affinity to an emotional connection to the brand. You’ve also got other drinks like gin and prosecco fighting for that summer drinks space. So, for us, for the longevity of the brand, and creating that emotional connection, is absolutely key.” Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, Kopparberg

 ⟶ First published 28 December 2018  | Lyst

Lyst: How fashion has impacted music in 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for both the music and fashion industries. We’ve seen the two industries collaborating more and more, with musicians fronting campaigns, from Harry Styles for Gucci to Jorja Smith for Nike. But when it comes to music, how much airtime has fashion had this year? We’ve worked with lyrics.com, an online resource featuring lyrics and album information for a seemingly endless array of artists, to see how much fashion brands have been mentioned in music throughout 2018. 

 ⟶ First published 4 October 2018  | The Telegraph

‘Future of Food’ Huel raises £20m as it seeks to scale business

Huel co-founder Julian Hearn said: "Huel has been profitable since day one and is on track to triple turnover this year. In order to accelerate growth, expand our product portfolio and reach new markets, we decided to take external funding into the company.” Hearn told the Telegraph earlier this year that his start-up was turning over £14m per year. The company expects revenues to grow to £45m this year. Highland Europe partner Stan Laurent will join the board of Huel. Laurent said: "We knew that Julian and his team had created a special brand before even meeting them: people around us were raving about Huel. It’s a textbook example of the next generation of e-commerce businesses.”

 ⟶ First published 24 May 2018  | Business of Fashion

LVMH Leads $60 Million Lyst Injection

Lyst hit a gross merchandise value of $325 million in the year to March 2018, according to the company, and Morton said gross merchandise value is “approaching half a billion dollars this year.” Lyst is the world's leading global fashion search engine that enables users to search thousands of online fashion stores at once, bringing together 5 million products from 12,000 of the world’s leading brands in one place. Last year over 70 million shoppers from 120 countries chose to start their search on Lyst.com. 

 ⟶ First published 26 July 2018  | The Telegraph

Seedlip leading the no-alcohol revolution as the biggest drinks trend

The pioneering brand is the brainchild of Ben Branson, who experimented with 17th-century recipes for distilled home remedies after struggling to find something interesting to drink when he wanted to avoid alcohol on a night out. With spending on no /low alcohol driving growth, retailers are seeing many customers opting for zero alcohol alternatives. In parallel the UK is seeing a rise of 28% to £43 million in no /low alcohol beers and just under £40 million in no /low alcohol wine, according to Nielsen. Branson says, “It’s about pushing the category forward, not just about people who are looking for a replacement for a non-alcoholic drink.” We are choosing to spend our time differently, and this is reflected in a cultural change, “there’s more to do now”. 

 ⟶ First published 15 June 2018  | Campaign


"Marketing activity is a critical part of our growth plan, so finding the right partner was crucial. 18 Feet & Rising understand how fast scaling, disruptive businesses operate and the kind of broad and fast support that is required. We’re excited about the next part of the journey and injecting the same amount of passion and energy we have for the product and the brand into our comms mix.” Damien Kennedy, Founder of Wheyhey